Podcast 572: You Probably Shouldn’t Eat That All The Time

April 05, 2021

Chicken skin chips are a thing? A year ago this week a “banger” was released. You can be scared by too much mayo. Minnesota city encourages calling 911 if you see someone not picked up their dog’s poop, and they have a company called the Terd Nerds. PlaID. When your mom shows up to your school and fights a kid. Wrestling is a sport grown men do to each other. Why do you say Queso? Rob reviews Godzilla vs Kong, Invincible Ep 1-4 and Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep 3. Kitler apology. Someone called the police…The Fart Police. A man says F you and bless you to an unsuspecting woman. Fen likes trains. More!



Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Beefy – Intro to Dungeon Mastering

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