Podcast 69: Tips For Living A Longer, Happier Life

April 11, 2011

We talked about Slash2’s MUD that we’re all in, you can go play and kill the hosts at http://lotgd.ascensiongc.com so go hit that up. Sauce had his two cats shaved, and here are links to those pics to go along with us talking about them: http://imgur.com/IpTzD http://imgur.com/ocIA9 And THEN we saw THIS: http://imgur.com/ZvwuI and had to ask WTF? Sauce also stuck a microphone up his nose and recorded some hard nose whistlin’ for Turdhat, so be sure to catch that… Esta and Sauce got Twin Dragons down in heroic mode this week in WoW and gave us details of that encounter. Thanks to an anonymous listener that gave us beta keys, Turdhat and Fen gave their impressions of the new game from Maxis, Darkspore. Turdhat dropped a new bit on us as well based on a listener suggestion…you’ll have to listen to hear what it is. We hit a little Turdhat Help You in the after show, along with all of the usual nonsense and shenanigans. I just typed the word shenanigans. Have a good week you animals.

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Music from this week’s show:

Intro by Reddwarf

LukHash: Dead Pixels – Like A Dead Pixels

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