Podcast 710: Quick Update

February 26, 2024

Hey everyone…Brent here. This is certainly a show (kinda?). It might even be Show 710, but that’s up to Esta. Fen’s mom is having some health issues that are going to keep him from doing the show for a bit. The show is officially on a hiatus, and we aren’t sure how long it will last. We wanted to get together and chat about it in a way that allowed us to let you know what was going on in the most efficient way possible. We even had Sauce! Obviously we are wishing the best for Fen and his mom during this time. We also talked about a Houston man sticking antiques where the sun don’t shine, DoorDashing, kids sleepwalking and the Minnesota Meetup that is still happening!


Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Marco Buono – Halloween

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