Podcast 114: Scrunched Up Gorilla Hand

February 19, 2012

First off we talk about last week’s bet between two of the hosts for $100.  Sauce got a new pup, and we discuss dogs and Fen’s neighbor’s little yapper dog.  Turdhat got a kid’s play structure from Walmart that is supposed to take mortal men 30 hours to assemble.  We talked a little bit about Borderlands, and Kingdom of Amalar: Reckoning….Speaking of which, we played a new game with two live listeners called Name That Game.  A game where they compete to…name that game…based on hearing sound effects or music from those games.  The WINNER received Kingdoms of Amalar: Reckoning, courtesy of Allante (thank you).  Runner up won a prize as well.  We talked about the biggest pill you had to swallow for a lady, does wearing sunglasses on your head make you a douche, drinking beer out of cans, bad gas, Anonymous Ventchat, and Swilleh sent in a picture of his foot, that gave us our show title.  Arcy jumped in for some after show and even got to say hi some of the fellas before they split.  More and more and more stuff of course.  Have a listen.

Links from this show:

Ventchat Anonymous (Thanks Dapyman) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH7FhKlP32E&hd=1

Swilleh’s foot (NSFL?) http://imgur.com/uFbL1

Dude from Dune that people say Fen looks like (kind of gross): http://mlkshk.com/r/5K56

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Moutchébitchév – Condanné – Gpsdramatik Moutchébichév

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