Podcast 166: Jabba Laugh

February 18, 2013

Bryterside from the Stopcast podcast joins us for the first “official” time as a guest, and he does not disappoint.  We even got him to try and defend a title we made up for him as “King Dork” by playing a game against three other listeners called…King Dork.  He also joined forces with Turdhat in the after-show for a Bryter/Turdhat Help You.  Much thanks to Bryter for always being a good sport.

Also this week:  Asteroids are going to kill us.  An old listener that many know returns and calls in.  Chess tournament and trash talking.  Google security flaw gives devs your info when you buy stuff.  Spiders in the sky.  Ke$ha drinks pee and “smells like a shrimp on a diaper”.  An old man gets punched out.  I’m Pretty Sure I Have This.  What happened to GOOD cartoons?  Sauce’s Nosewhistle Strikes Again.  Carebear.  One of us is gay, guess who.  Lady-boys.  Ruffies.  Turdhat sings happy birthday.  What to do if you are incredibly hairy.  Giggidee outro song.  Duffus song about Bryter.  Fen song about Bryter.  Man eats monkey chow for a week.  Would you father a baby for your lesbian sister?  A Good Day To Die Hard movie review by Robbap1.  Turdhat’s German mom.  Sauce’s ankle.  More more more.  This one is packed full of goodness. Puh-laid.

Links From This Week:

Sauce’s Ankle (foot)

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Giggidee – Checkmate I Am Giggidee

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