Podcast 178: He Stands For Justice

May 13, 2013

The Michael Caine impressions flowed like fine wine this week, and they ranged from hilarious all the way to amazingly good.  Also we did some news, which we tried to keep positive.  It’s tougher than you think.  We had a Turdhat Help You in the after-show that ended up being pretty darn interesting, and since the person who sent it in was in the live chat, we had him come on and answer all of our questions.  Hold on to your butts, this sucker is 4.5 hours long.  I dare you to get through it all.  Not bloody likely.

Also: Esta’s birthday, Fen is forgiven, Turdhat’s new motorcycle, the OUYA is here, Fast food, Diablo 3 economy blowout, WoW subscriptions, beard stubble study, Thomas Is Alone, the kidnapping guy, excel art, the ice is gonna break, don’t apologize, howyougetdatassindemplaidpants, ventchatvegas.com, the new outro dealy, fast forward on stitcher, movie news, Johnny Cash, by the way.

Podcast 178

Links From This Week:

49% Of You Went To McDonalds Last Month

WoW Subscriptions At 8.5 Million, Top Guild Quits?

That Stubble Is Hot

Value Gamer Recommendation By Moocifer: Tomas Is Alone

Excel Art

Everything Is Melting (via ZakRhyno)

The Flying One Ventchat Review

Duffus Vegas Recommendations(?):

Bronze Girls Butts

Cthulhu Wear (Come On This Isn’t In Vegas)

National Atomic Testing Museum

Shoot An Uzi And Eat A Hamburger

Indoor Skydiving

Goretorium All-Year Haunted House

The Price Is Wrong Bitch

Eat Dinner In The Sky If You Are Insane

Vegas Topless Pools

News Links:

Humans Are Good News

Silver Lining News

Win For The Turtles News

Wisconsin News


Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Anitek – Moloko Plus

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