Podcast 196: I Am A Money Manager

September 16, 2013

Week two of dreaded Sober September and one of us is possibly out before the show even starts.  Find out in the first few minutes.  Others are out, who is left.  We played a rousing game of “Who Dis”, can you guess who the people are from the clips we play?

Some general updates on Sober September, Fen (me) went to the same spa Turdhat recommended last week and talked about the experience.  Ventchat Vegas update brought along a discussion of tattoos and where it hurts the most.  Check out the link below to see the pain chart we talk about.  Google knows your wifi password, so watch your back., link also below.  Phone calls/emails, Turdhat Help You x2 in the after-show, plus a Ventchat Rewind with the original Slip Up Saturday, including a little BANJO.

Other little tasty treats:

The eyebrow shave bet, Samurai Sword News, Grandpa’s Old Cough Medicine, plaid, USB condom, Phonebloks, “little dick clip”, Burt Reynolds laugh, exercise in a pill, the sleep aid that tastes like pee, Ric Flair Woo, sleep debts, read a master’s thesis, Sons Of Anarchy, girl poots, Rob reviews World War Z, how to quit WoW, low balls, bad keg story, mystery wounds, Gimmie A Beet, and more more more.

Where are you listening from?  If it’s an interesting country or even an interesting place we’d like to hear about it.

If you’d like to read/give notes on Kelby’s novel we talked about on the show, shoot an email to: the.ant.farm.book@gmail.com

Podcast 196

Links From This Week:

Tattoo Hot Spots

Google knows Your Wifi Password

USB Condom


Exercise Pill

Samurai Sword News

Hops Tea Tastes Like Pee

Sleep Debt Exists


Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  sssShawnnnn – Pizza Rolls (mashup)

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