Podcast 214: Our Whole Planet Is A Computer

January 20, 2014

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Some fairly important news about the show to start off our week this week, but I won’t spoil it here, go have a listen.

Early on we touched on a guy in Michigan who has absolutely found Bigfoot, and social contracts like too many items in the “express” checkout lane, and turning your phone off at the movies.  Also we had the results of a survey to find out what segment we will try next week

We had a woman join us for “What’s Your Schpiel Spin The Wheel” for the first time ever this week, so make sure and check that out too.  She was very gracious and answered everything thrown at her.  News and Tales From The Edge Of Cyberspace in the after-show as well!

Other stuff we talked about:

Compass Bottom Dogs, Swiss Cheese Pervert, Japanese guy covering girls in mayo, sugarless gummy bears that give you the trots, guess the middle name, the guy that didn’t shower for 60 years, work annoyances, Ventchat Weight Loss, plaid, Rob Reviews Wolf of Wall Street, nightmares on “the patch”, and more more more!

Podcast 214

Links From This Week:

Swiss Cheese Pervert

Man Arrested For Covering Girls In Mayo

Woman Stabs Husband With A Ceramic Squirrel

Don’t Eat These Gummy Bears

No Shower For 60 Years (And Smokes Dung)

The “Enema” Guy Gets 1.6 Million In Damages

Strange Sex Laws In States

Guy Kills 4 People In Walmart, Gets 10 Years Probation

News Links:

Pron News

Penis News

More Penis News

Japanese News

Pissdrinker News

Cyberspace Links:

Dead Man’s Switch

Divorce Insurance

Professional Cuddler

Rubber World Rendevous


Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Zoe Leela – Pop Up

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