Podcast 102: Man Scream

November 28, 2011

Someone is horrifically frightened and offers up one of the best screams ever recorded. Listen to the first 5 minutes of the show to hear it. It is amazing.

In this episode the winner of the sword (and the winning answer) are announced.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday is discussed. Minecraft server update. T-Shirt update. Fen is sick. Turdhat chicken update. Sauce eating and destroying minds. Lots of time spent talking about accents and impersonations as a new segment is rolled out called “Working On Walken”. Call in your terrible (or good) Walken impression. Terrible attempts at a bumper that will never be used are made in the aftershow. Turdhat’s twitter avatar/Sauce’s nipples discussed. Skyrim. Your calls and emails. More more more.

Pics from this show:

AubreyT pics

Listen to the very very end to hear a special tribute to the scream at the front of the show.

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Triplexity – Allende (feat. Matan Morag)

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