Podcast 104: Hairyolas

December 12, 2011

Really the term “Hairyolas” only came up twice.  Once during the show and once at the very end of the after-show.  It was the funniest name the chat room so we went with it.  Quite a bit was covered on this episode.  We continued Workin’ on Walken, and had quite a few people call in their Walken.  We had a brief Value Gamer segment where we discussed Dungeon Defenders (NOTE- At time of writing this, it’s $2.99 on Amazon and I’m told activates on Steam).  We also dove back into some talk about Ventchat Vegas and Sweatpants Club.  Esta and Sauce went into their raiding a bit, and Sauce updated everyone who ordered Ventchat shirts.  Listener Fancyscmancy recieved his prize from Turdhat, and Eisritter’s band’s CD winners were announced.  As always, your phone calls and emails, and much much more in this episode.  I hate writing show notes.  -OH one last thing, Elden is working on a Ventchat secret something gift exchange, please hit the forums or stay tuned next week for more details.

We recieved some nice stuff in the mail this week, here’s pics!

From Duffus:  http://imgur.com/a/LZgW7

From Unsleep:  http://imgur.com/a/zKwJe

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Jahzzar – Big C Goes To L.A.

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