Podcast 108: Make Him Say It

January 09, 2012

Two games this week.  The first is a way for you, the downloader, to win a prize.  Listen for the secret phrase.  When you hear it, email ventchat@gmail.com with the phrase as the subject line of your email and you’ll have a chance to win Fallout New Vegas on Steam (thank you Trinitis for the prize).  Entries must be in by Thursday January 12th 2012, midnight pacific time.

The SECOND game this week was for the live listeners, but you’ll enjoy hearing it.  Turdhat (and everyone) try to get Fen to say a specific phrase that is revealed at the front of the show…and needless to say it seems harder than it should be, at least to Fen.

We also chatted about Skyrim, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Dungeon Defenders, and probably a few other miscellaneous games.  Esta participated in the Polar Plunge.  We talked about Turdhat’s “Post Your Feet” thread, Turdhat’s allergies, getting caught in embarrassing situations, bar condoms, and more.  Your calls and emails of course.

In the after show we talked about anxiety, living a good life, TED Talks, quizzes and brain tricks designed to make you feel stupid, and a brief touch on IQ tests.

Some links from the show (some you might need to join the forum for):

Post Your Feet

Bar Condom Machine

Turdhat Help Me (From The After Show)

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Pasqualino Ubaldini – Bicicletta

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