Podcast 111: Slap It On A Slide

January 30, 2012

Extra long show intro this week.  No particular reason.  We played “Schmeprady” for the first time this week, with two listeners competing for prizes.  It was a special someone’s birthday and much fun was had with that as well.  Update on the first person shooter contest (there is a live server running thanks to Adam Dubay, details in the forum).  We talked about hating big birthdays, infidelity, horrible college classes, pizza flavored beer, full face beard beanies, re-gifting, phobias, smuggling…

People emailed in their super powers, a clip of Fen losing it, complaints, opinions on e-cigs, pictures of stuff, and BGO and Janelle from 5 WoW Things did our intros.  Your calls and emails of course, and much much more but I just hate writing show notes and I’m going to get yelled at if this show doesn’t get posted soon.

Links from the show:

Beanie beardo – http://www.vat19.com/dvds/trailertheater.cfm?productID=beardo-hat..

Listener recommendation of e-cigs: www.blucigs.com

Mothball Fleet – http://imgur.com/yuHe1

Pizza Beer – http://laughingsquid.com/mamma-mia-pizza-beer/

Listener Super Power – http://imgur.com/Fj3lc

Pics like this that Fen doesn’t like – http://www.acclaimimages.com/_gallery/_free_images/0420-0907-0617-2414_lone_soldier_standing_on_a_cliff_m.jpg

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Heifervescent – Kaleidoscope – Pondlife Fiasco

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