Podcast 119: Sounded Like A Bomb Going Off

March 25, 2012

So much stuff this week!  We talked about the Draw Something app.  Our Minecraft server and stuff that’s being built.  Quake Tournament.  Buy real stuff with in-game money playing EVE Online.  Easter Secret Santa.  Our NEW Team Fortress 2 server.  The mysterious Wisconsin noises, which eventually led to our show title.  Facebook stats.  Turdhat’s package sent to StealthJO.  The prizewinner of our contest LAST week.  Tales From The Edge of Cyberspace.  Tons of great phone calls and emails.  What’s Your Schpiel Spin The Wheel in the aftershow…and MORE FROM ZUM!  Go download it, I just finished editing and I’m starving.  Oh here’s a refresher of the contest for this week:

We’re giving away Mass Effect 3 on the PC or PS3 this week (physical copy, we’ll mail it to you, giving away one of EACH this week) with a “secret phrase” hidden in the show.  Find it, send that phrase as the subject of an email to Ventchat@gmail.com before Friday March 30th, 2012 midnight Pacific time, and be sure to include which game you would like.  We’ll pick one random winner.

Links from this week:


“I Poop My Pants On Purpose” (Obviously NSFW/NSFL)

3 Wishes Mens Wear (NSFW)

Have You Dreamed This Man

How Crack Cocaine Is Made (I mean…make your own judgement here)

Erotic Mayonnaise Sub-Reddit (NSFW…come on, like you need me to tell you this?)

Other Links:

EVE Online: Buy real stuff with in-game currency

Turdhat’s Package to Stealth JO

DrHealGood’s Secret Phrase Entry

Thak’s Not-A-Loofa Suggestion

Zum’s WoW Character

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Aesop – Gone With The Wind (Tribute to the Windy City) – Natural High

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