Podcast 128: Failed Inventions

May 27, 2012

We tried a new segment this week, all about inventions we’ve thought of and other absurd ones…you can be the judge if it worked our not.  We talked about trying to change your eating habits and things a few of us are trying.  Turdhat had a chili cook-off and his kid went crazy and whacked everyone in the face.  Esta went paint-balling for a bachelor party and blasted people.  Fen’s toilet sprung a leak and flooded the house.  Turdhat had to punch out during the outro song so Milty helped us with a Turdhat Help You in the aftershow, and had a bit of a story of his own you won’t want to miss.  Your calls and emails and more more more round out this episode.  Frankly there’s a lot more, but I have Game Of Thrones waiting for me to watch so I’m trying to get done with show notes.  Just listen and quit yer bitchin.  Have a great week everybody.

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Bit Shifter – Easy Prey (Live) – Live at Blip Festival 2009 12/19/2009

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