Podcast 14: The Anatomy Of A High End Raiding Guild

March 14, 2010

First off this week we talk about our own Lich King kill!

Then we have an absolutely fantastic interview with Skroesec from Tyranny from the Drak’Tharon server, and we get an inside look at the inner workings of a high end raiding guild, one that’s been raiding at a very high level for literally years.  We talk about their entire process for tackling new content, from testing on the PTR all the way to killing a new boss for the first time.  We talk about their craziest kills, all of the important questions and not so important ones, all the way down to “Do you yell at people on vent?”.  DON’T miss this interview.

Then we hit the news, and THEN Turdhat’s contest pic is revealed and the winner is chosen!  After that we tackle our discussion topic, and mention our video of the week.


We kill the Lich King!  We talk all about our kill, and we go in-depth into our experiences with this LONG LONG fight.

Deluxa and Turdhat get hacked!

Deluxa authenticates and can’t find the app on his phone mid raid, and button-pushes (We love you Deluxa)


Skroesec from Tyranny with GREAT insight into all things high end raiding.  We pull back the curtain and take a look at how they do things.  They also offer tons of video content at their site, along with some really funny stuff.

They raid Sun-Thurs 8pm EST to midnight.  Go take a look over there and if you think you would be a good fit, see if you have what it takes.

They stream much of their farm content and some of their progression content, so again, go take a look over there.  http://anarchy-guild.org

Our thanks again to Skroesec, we hope to have him back in the future.


Not a lot of news this week, but we cover what’s there:

UK PC Gamer 6 page article sheds possible confirmation on rumors in Cataclysm

Major Horde Lore Changes

Deepholme: Possible major Horde/Ally battle including Airships in caverns and flying mounts

Raids and dungeons: 8 dungeons released not including Shadowfang or Deadmines, and FOUR new raids at launch.  Grim Batol and Uldum to be patched in after launch.

Harrison Jones will be back with the archeology system

Looking for GUILD system!

Frozen Orbs will be GREED only in 3.3.3!


We discover exactly what the contest picture is, and who our big winner is!


Do you care about Horde or Alliance, or is it all the same thing with different pixels?


Do you or will you go back to old content, and if so why?  For achievements? For gear? Just to see it?


trustno1: Resonance – It Doesn’t Hurt

trustno1: Resonance – Spacerun

All music on the show is Creative Commons Licensed and is freely available.  If you enjoy any of the music please support the artists that created it.

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