Podcast 163: Stop Buying Garbage

January 28, 2013

Hi everybody.  We’re still working on better show notes.  I’ve even thought it might be a good idea to have a way for the chat room to help as the show goes along…maybe someone smart can come up with a bright idea how to implement that.

Anyway, extended news this week with some really odd stories, Cyberspace in the after-show, and your calls/emails.

Here’s some stuff we talked about this week: Esta goes tubing, Merv Griffin made 70 million bucks on just the the Jeopardy song, one of the dudes from Kriss Kross has been wearing his pants backwards for 21 years, “unlocking” your phone is now illegal, Turdhat’s kid likes to bust sick dance moves in the mirror, Japan has Mayo pizzas, getting out of conversations, what happened to a second podcast, how did we get started, circumcision, Zorb off the cliff.

Fen was a guest on one of the Pixel-Response podcasts this week so go show them some love, that episode should be up Tuesday January 29th.  Sauce and Fen will both be on The Twisted Nether coming up February 10th, 8pm pacific live, so check that out as well.

Make sure you take a little time to relax this week.  Thanks everybody.  Plaid.

Links from this week:

Turdhat’s Kid Busts A Move

Kriss Kross Commits To The Bit

Merv Made 70 Mil On Jeopardy Music

Unlocking Your Phone Is Now Illegal

Mayo Pizza

Fen In The Background With A Silly Grin?

Cyberspace Links

Census Map

How To Solicit A Prostitute

Run Pee

Whiskey Clouds (Don’t Do This)

News Links

Sword News

Poop News

Dating News

Surgery News

Crazy News

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Werewolf Therewolf – Current Event

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