Podcast 164: Throat Burps Galore

February 04, 2013

Superbowl bets were made live.  Find out what worked and what didn’t.  Eve Online had a battle so big the losses were in the 1,000s of dollars. (You just cost me 6,000 dollars).  Cool Ranch Taco Bell Taco?  How was the dog show Turdhat went to last week?  Soda Stream shots.  Fen’s love life.  Sauce’s messed up ankle.  Burger King using horse meat in their burgers.  “I passed college”.  “We’re all waiting for a listener to die”.  Fen has every kitchen appliance known to man.  Don’t forget about the Turdhat Chess Contest!  Where’s my jet-pack the future promised me?  Movies with stuff from the future that didn’t come true.

News, Guess The Cartoon, your calls and emails, hijinks and/or shenanigans.  It’s late right now because I didn’t get started until after the Superbowl so this is all you get this week.  Share the show with a friend maybe this week.  Or not if it’s too weird.  No pressure.  Stay safe.  Fistbump.

Congrats to Davebmn on the baby!

Links From This Week:

Sauce’s Crazy Hotdog Ankle/Foot

Eve Online Battle

Nonmail’s Cheap Mo-Fo Pizza Place

Silent Noobs Forum

News Links:

Poison Vagina News

Sword News 1

Horse News

Sword News 2

Butt News

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Big Smo – Grass Roots – Boss Of The Styx

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