Podcast 173: Guns A Blazin’

April 08, 2013

What did you have for dinner?  We know, and we’ll tell you what you ate.  Also, get ready for some bad Bill Cosby impressions.  I mean REALLY bad.  Send yours in anyway.  Or don’t, we’ll see what happens.  Sauce found a website that lists what words people use to search for “adult” things, based on country and state.  The answers WILL surprise you.  Turdhat Help You as well.

Other stuff:  Value Gamer, Game Of Thrones, cats that say no, Shia La No, a crazy guy street interview, Turdhat and his motorcycle, Steven Hawking, our zodiac signs, moonshine, hazing or no hazing while sleeping, Defiance, the cell phone turns 40, ads in Sim City and other games and lots more plaid stuff.

Podcast 173

Links From This Week:

What “adult” terms are being searched for based on location?

Is it a game, is it a show….BOTH!

The Cell Phone Turns 40

Ads in Sim City and games in general


Outro: Chopbiscuit – Super Merry-Ho

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