Podcast 181: Sweat And Regret

June 03, 2013

Reminder:  The next two weeks Fen is out of town, but we’re going to try an experiment.  We’re going to try and record just the four of us hanging out, with zero prep or ideas of what we’ll talk about, and just see what happens.  We’ll try and do two chunks of this, and release them the normal day/time during the two weeks.  If they’re garbage oh well, if they’re not at least it’s something to check out while we’re gone.  Keep sending emails and calls and stuff in, we’ll hit it when we are back doing live shows.

This week, it was HOT.  When you record when it’s hot, things can get spicy.  We had a pleasant chat about lots of news items, and remarkably we got three more people doing Michael Caine impressions.  Esta told us a real story about him being a real ninja.  Turdhat WILL taze you in Vegas.  Sauce sent us a clip of the Cicada invasion in his area.  What happened last week when Turdhat didn’t make it trough the outro song?  Will everyone make it THIS week?  Is this really three questions in a row?

Here are a bunch of words and/or short phrases:  Dolphins are filthy little buggers, fracking and Reinheitsgebot,  iPhone stun-gun, .GIF is pronounced JIF, the Xbox one is a peeping Tom designed to destroy your life, virtual reality helmets are cool, the world’s most boring game, start your own live sex show, Name That Game wrap-up, plaid, doing the Mario Voice is tough, Viagra for women, if you’re missing a leg good luck with the Kinect, podcasting lawsuit and patent trolls, are soggy nachos just enchiladas, Ventflix discussing This Is England, The Fast And The Furious 6 movie review, favorite gaming memories, your first time, and a long time listener is BACK.

Podcast 181

Links from this week:

Cicada Facts Everywhere

Dolphins Rape People

Fracking And Beer

The iPhone Stun Gun

The Kinect Patent That Is A Tad Scary

Viagra For Her

Xbox/PS4 Used Games Article

Podcasting And Patent Trolls

News Links:

Video Game News

More Video Game News

Movie News

Serial Killer News

Penmanship News

Poop News

Asian News

Masturbation News

Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro: The Hero VIP – Nostalgia

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