Podcast 198: Pump And Dump

September 30, 2013

All four of us are BACK just two shows before Venchat Vegas!  Final week of Sober September (for one host) and what is the word?  Who else is out, who is making it?

Discussion topic we’d like to hear from you on:  What are your top 10 movies, if that was all you’d have left to watch for the rest of your life?

News, Ventchat Vegas update (second to last one), Sober September update, and Turdhat guesses your dinner.  Keeping the show notes a bit brief this week so I can go watch the last episode of breaking bad, but here’s some other words/topics from this week’s show and links we clicked!

Plaid, Downton Abbey Secret Club is back, biggest gambling “run” of all time, always bet on black, Stoppies, Steam Box and Steam OS, don’t mess with the deaf, Jack’s new fast food menu for drunks and stoners, Robocop, Untappd, poor little puppy, Viagra, banana spiders, Name That Game recap and discussion, Rob reviews Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 and Prisoners, Bee ware of giant hornets, Elden wants your Ventchat clip suggestions, can you get drunk off of non-alcoholic beer, sex with a pool float, what color underpants, best roadtrip, and more more more.

Podcast 198

Links From This Week:

Betting Your Life Savings On Red Or Black

Biggest Gambling “Run” Of All Time

Never Mock The Deaf

Jack In The Box New Munchie Menu For Drunks/Stoners

DukeOAwesome323’s Bro’s Puppy Needs Help

Take It Easy With The Viagra


Monogamous Sex With A Pool Float

Can You Get Drunk Off Of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Noel’s Undies


News Links:

Driving News 1

Driving News 2

Death News

Telepathy News

Ketchup News


Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Squatch! – Methylamine

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