Podcast 208: Tastes Like Christmas Spirit

December 09, 2013

Welcome to our four year anniversary.  Fen is sick so the show notes will be short.  Fen is talking in third person.

We played a brand new game called Down The Rabbit Hole, involving clips you’ve heard on the internet, some of which even on our very own show!

Esta and Turdhat had a bit more Fernet Branca this week, is T-Hat off of the cigarettes?

Doritos Locos Taco Inventor dies at 41.  Jennifer Laurence’s voice slowed down sounds like  Will Ferrel.  Turdhat got an iPhone.  Wearing pajamas in public.  Elon University offers a class in “self pleasuring”.  Party too hard, you might lose some toes.  Elden and Flattus sent us some cool stuff, details in the show, and Turdhat Help You in the after-show!


Ventchat Secret Santa, Slash 2 Campathon, Robbap1 and the top grossing movies of 2013, coasters, Bro me twice not so nice, E-Cigarette rules and regulations, Nun-chucks, Dragon-con, Plaid, Molly, Hearthstone, card games, depression, best sandwiches, They Had Sandwiches They Had Soda, World Of Warcraft Pick Up Lines, Gay White Elephant, Rubber sheets and the fake dutch oven, nipple piercings, your calls and emails and more!

Podcast 208

Links From This Week:

Doritos Locos Taco Inventor Dies At 41

Elon University Self Pleasure Class

From Elden!

From Flattus!

E-Cigarettes And You

The Dutch Oven Story Was Bunk

Nun-chuck News (From Meahamm)

Dragon-con Founder Pleads Guilty (From Flattus)

Man High On Molly Does Something Really Bad (From Flattus)

Award Winning Sandwiches (From Flattus)

World Of Warcraft Pick-Up Lines


Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  1000 Needles – Osiris – Error 537

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