Podcast 212: Mark Whaleberg

January 06, 2014

An all new Scheprody is back this week, and the winner gets a brand new, never opened copy of Season 1 of MacGyver. That is pretty tough to best, let me tell you. Some of the categories include 10 movies in 10 seconds, CB Slang, Guess The Real Story, Wiscaligina and more. So come check that out.

Also we talked about New Years and resolutions, radiation coming to the west coast of the U.S.(?), the most f-bombs ever in a movie, a fraternity hazing gone horribly wrong, and even a guy lighting firecrackers off while they are taped to his face. Cyberspace in the after-show, along with a discussion on donating blood…and “other” donations.

Here’s some other stuff we hit:

15 cops can’t stop me, did someone quit smoking, weedmania in Colorado, plaid, the man with two penises, dog poopocalypse, why not poop north/south, FPS Russia looks like Sauce, Esta’s cookies, Rob Reviews American Hustle and Mark Whaleberg, France burns cars, and more more more!

Podcast 212

Links From This Week:

France Burns (A Lot Of) Cars On New Years

Guy With Two Penises (NSFW, come on)

Dog Poopocalypse 1 (NSFL?)

Dog Poopocalypse 2 (NSFL?)

Dogs Have A Butt Compass And Poop North/South

Cyberspace Links:

Fifty Shades Generator (kinda NSFW)

Feeling Cagey

5 Sizes (extremely NSFW)

The Merit Shop

Dating Site For Farmers

WTF Should I Do Today


Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Monkeyman – What’s On The Radio Feat. Nate Monoxide

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