Podcast 216: Overdose Of Sauce

February 03, 2014

This week we played “Schmeprady”, but not just any Schmeprady…each category was a different segment we’ve done in the past. Erotic, Chronic or Comic, Obsesseda, Choke News and more! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Come check it out.  ALSO…Super Bowl bets with Turdhat. Bets have been placed, you get to see if he won.

We talked about who we want to try and do impressions of next, a guy that does exorcisms over Skype, a woman trying to live without toilet paper..AND a guy that has purposefully ingested a tapeworm, tried mushrooms, and truth serum…and we have clips of them all.

ALSO in the after-show we try the “Speech Jammer” app, which plays your voice back to you with a bit of delay and makes it hard for you to read…or does it? Have a listen…we even had some listeners give it a go.

Other stuff from this week: Robber slap a woman with their thing, Canadian woman “celebrating” her 23rd birthday with 23 “gentlemen, Wisconsin drinks a lot, plaid, streaming yourself eating food for cash, Catbug, Ventchat Weight Loss, Rob reviews I Frankenstein and Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, Elden brings the Battle Rap back, Let’s deport Justin Bieber, and MORE!

Podcast 216

Links From This Week:

Petition To Deport Justin Bieber

Robber Slaps Woman With His Manhood (NSFW?)

The 23 Year Old “Adult” Star Celebrating Her Birthday In Canada (NSFW?)

Colleges With The Most Drug/Booze Arrests

Make Some Money Eating In From To A Camera (Probably Not)

Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Appi_-_Fen_thikithah

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