Podcast 3: The Arcy

December 20, 2009

This week the boys are joined by Arcy, secret priestess queen of all things healing.  We talk about our experiences in the Dungeon Finder, our raids this week, pets and mounts, and a million other things.  Sauce starts off the podcast by eating a muffin.  Nice and classy Sauce.


Tales from the Dungeon Finder – 497 DPS

Our fun with Lady Deathwhisper

Gunship Battle – Esta’s on a boat! (The wrong boat)

Saurfang is sour

Arcy dings a druid, Fen becomes an (off spec) tree!

Rogues – Spec Mut + spam two buttons = profit

Icecrown Loot – Bows and healing leather only…thanks

Stupid Winter Veil – Fen is a Grinch

PVPing with a gnome illusion (destroy them and drink their tears)

Arcy’s stuff collecting!  Pets and Mounts ahoy!

Favorite pets and mounts

Corehound pet and authenticators

Blizzard Store Pets

Things that make noise passively destroy Fen’s mind


Phasing bugs in Icecrown – have fun summoning with people who can’t see you

Ashen Verdict rep reward rings  – You get 4 choices…Because Blizz CAN’T give you 5

Proc happy loot in Icecrown

Loot table discussion


PVP gearing system in Cataclysm

Arena style loot without the arena?

Comp dependency in arenas

Wintergrasp built in bonuses for losing factions?


Battered hilt drop rate increased – for everyone except us

The new dungeons – They ain’t no Magisters’ Terrace


Tom Chilton interview from Champions’ Carnival in Taiwan and WorldofWar.de

-Wardrobe feature to bank

-Heirloom items for every slot

-In-game voice chat (sucks)

-“Instance spectator” mode for arenas and raids

-No plans for in game housing

-Arenas a mistake because of balancing issues?

-No Old Ironforge in the expansion but…changed Stormwind?

-Patch 3.4 before the expansion???


Is Blizzard removing the immersion of the game by making getting around too easy?


Cataclysm stat removal:  Taking the math out of being a good player, or dumbing down WoW?


Waiting So Long:  METISSE, Jeunesse

The Dreamer’s Overture:  JT Bruce, The Dreamer’s Paradox

All music on the show is Creative Commons Licensed and is freely available.  If you enjoy any of the music please support the artists that created it.

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