Podcast 32: If It's Clean The Light Is Green

July 26, 2010

If you want to find out what the show title means this week, you’ll have to make it to roughly the 3 hour mark. Look at how long this show is! We know! A listener (Macgruff) who is getting shipped out this week asked for one long last super-show before he heads off for an “undisclosed location”. Well…beware of what you wish for…because this is the longest show ever. WoW news, a “play” from Sauce, an incredible song from Jeg of Dregcast, listener calls, and we talk about all of our phobias. On top of all that it was Fen’s birthday, so he was “celebrating”. The show itself is probably a couple of hours…Wait until you hear the aftershow. Two lovely ladies, Forresst and Arcy join us for a rip-roaring flirtatious sexy good time. We talked to Forrest about her days as a Psychic Phone Friend, a Sex Phone Operator, and an Armored Car Tech (and she wrote a musical!). Nearly too much fun to fit in one show but we pulled it off. Enjoy.

Music from this week’s show:

Dustaman – Focus On Trifle: Typing

PeerGynt Lobogris – Bluemoon V Forgotten Spirits: 15 Years

PeerGynt Lobogris – Bluemoon V Forgotten Spirits: Wild Side

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