Podcast 33: Draechen Pulls Into Our Harbor

August 01, 2010

This week Draechen, half the duo of Draechen and Jeg from Dregcast joins us.  First off we recapped the epic 7+ hour show from last week.  We had positive and negative thoughts and reviews about not only recording a show that long, but also the content, and we talked about everyone’s reactions.  We got into viewer calls and emails, and had an interesting call from Jeg about Draechen.  We discussed some impressive “most embarrassing moments” from listeners and ourselves, and somehow we also talked quite a bit about Sauce’s disembodied head.  We managed to keep this one to under 3 hours, so join us won’t you?

Music from this week’s show:

Butterfly Tea:  Feeries 2010 – Soundtrack, Asian Wonders

Syntharmony:  I shall remain alone, I shall remain alone

Dydjej_Inja:  Jazzyk (Fourth Day Of The Condor)

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