Podcast 39: Hold The Sauce

September 12, 2010

Arcy joined us to fill in for Sauce this week, and what a week it was!  First there was some discussion of what Esta and Arcy did in the game this week, and then Turdhat and Fen got into their updates on SOBER SEPTEMBER, and ended up pounding a couple of energy drinks.  Once we hit the news we covered the major stories of the week, and there were quite a few.  We went through the listener calls, and there was an interesting rap sent in by a listener to finish off the calls and emails segment.  After that there was a little something new…an on air listener game!  Two listeners from the chat room joined the hosts LIVE on the air to play, and let’s just say the game didn’t remain “clean”.  Then we hit the “what would you bring back in time” discussion topic, listened to what you had to say in the reviews of the show, and finished it up in the aftershow with your help naming the episode.

Music from this week’s show:

Neurowaxx:  Bubu ChaCha

The Jimmy Hofer Band:  Alphatier – Draconian Saint

Silence:  L’autre endroit – Cellule

All music on the show is Creative Commons Licensed and is freely available.  If you enjoy any of the music please support the artists that created it.

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