Podcast 414: Take A Checkpoint

December 11, 2017

My apologies for missing last week. I really, REALLY hate missing, but I had a concussion and I just couldn’t do it. As I mentioned I was rear-ended Friday, and I waited until Saturday afternoon to see if I was good to go. I couldn’t concentrate on the monitor, I was dizzy, and shit on the screen was blurry. I tried but I was having trouble even trying to pull audio for the show and I knew from that alone I just wouldn’t have been able to handle it. Again I’m sorry, and I appreciate your understanding.

I’m feeling much better and THANK YOU for your well wishes. It means a lot to me.

ANYWAY, this week, I got a dog and the story about that has some twists and turns, also the accident, a Turdhat Help You from Zum, Turdhat got blocked by someone, Turdhat’s relatives are listening and are not happy about what I said about them, plaid, and much more.



Intro:  Redwarf

Outro:  Liv Margaret – Mr. Good Boy

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