Podcast 43: Hairy Rock Bag

October 10, 2010

It’s not what you think.  The title has to do with the prize a listener received from Turdhat.  It’s still not what you think.  Tune in to find out what the was mailed out by Turdhat as a “prize”.  Fen made a soundboard with insults on them based on a picture he found http://i.imgur.com/V6ibh.jpg, with the sound clips sent in by listeners.  Also an intro was edited using a listener’s voice.  We chatted about the listener drive to get @Estarniqx to 200 followers, and the hairy butt that was posted.  In the news we talked about Cataclysm’s release date, the new guild member cap, and more.  In phone calls and emails a listener sent in a song to Esta and we played/answered your calls.  We punched through our discussion topic, and of course the now infamous “Turdhat Help You” segment.  Hit the after show as well.

Be sure and join us LIVE, you can now listen and chat on the website.  We announce live shows by Friday both in the forum and on twitter.

Site:  Ventchat.com

Email: Ventchat@gmail.com

Phone: 925-246-CHAT or Ventchat on Skype

Twitter: @Ventchat (Fen) @_Holysauce_ @Turdhat @Estarniqx

Music from this week’s show:

Caminos Del Sonido: Todo Lo Bueno Muere Joven – El Orgullo De La Ramera

Tab: TabLiv The Vermont Tapes – Strong Dranks

Admiralbob77: CCmixter – TF Mellow Groovin Guitar

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