Podcast 44: Rustee Is Handy

October 17, 2010

Rustee from The Slash 2 Podcast was a special guest this week, and will also be the show’s correspondent next week from Blizzcon.  Rustee rolled out of bed at midnight his time to be on the podcast, and he stayed until he literally had to hop in the car to drive to the airport to fly out to Blizzcon.  If you’re heading to Blizzcon make sure and listen to find out when and where you can meet Rustee and give him an open mouthed kiss.  The gang chatted about the 4.0 patch, class changes, Tier 11 models, and anything else they could rant about.  Turdhat was on vacation this week, but a pre-recorded 20 minute “Turdhat Help You” segment plus some bonus after show material will help you get your Turdhat fix.  All of that, plus your calls, a new listener submitted song, and even a listener reading you “The Three Little Pigs” as a closer…All here for you in this week’s jam-packed show.  Enjoy.

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Music from this week’s show:

Scavenger – Giving Entrance:  Rebirth

Hot Club de Frank – Heel de Band is Favoriet:  Aicha

Countdown – Break Rise Blowing:  G-Die Remix07

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