Podcast 46: Halloween Motorboat

October 31, 2010

We decided NOT to go with Turdhat’s suggestion for a discussion topic, “Have you ever killed someone and hidden the evidence”.  We’ll hold onto that one for another show.  We DID talk about our topic from last week, and had your calls and what there was of the news.  We talked about Turdhat’s sweatpants club, thoughts on show number 50, and a certain tea Turdhat says will change your life.  Esta and Sauce hit up ICC to get drakes this week as well.  We also talked about how to LEGALLY download Cataclysm, so even if you are getting a non-digital copy of the game you can have everything preloaded and ready to go on release night.  Fen was a guest on RPGweekly, a new show just a couple of episodes in.  If you’re into tabletop gaming or just RPG games in general be sure to check out their podcast at RPGweekly.com.

Be sure and join us LIVE, you can now listen and chat on the website.  We announce live shows by Friday both in the forum and on twitter.

Site:  Ventchat.com

Email: Ventchat@gmail.com

Phone: 925-246-CHAT or Ventchat on Skype

Twitter: @Ventchat (Fen) @_Holysauce_ @Turdhat @Estarniqx

Music from this week’s show:

Rezydent S Garaz Bogiego – Abubu:  2tor

Luminous Flesh Giants (LFG) – Duma i upadek:  Gleboki sen

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