Podcast 47: Riku Takes The Cake

November 07, 2010

Forresst made a Ventchat cake this week, and Riku’s phone in question “took the cake”.  You’ll have to listen to understand.  Fen and Estarniqx had some big news from a guild perspective, and Fen managed to swallow part of a spork.  Turdhat had a new game for the listeners, but the question is will anyone want to win the prize?  Turdhat had some interesting discussion topic ideas to open the show, and gave us his thoughts on booty clapping.  In the news Fen and Esta discussed the battle-rez changes and some disappointment with rated battlegrounds.  Turdhat of course attempted to help you in his “Turdhat Help You” segment, and in the after show we talked over naming this episode.

Be sure and join us LIVE, you can now listen and chat on the website.  We announce live shows by Friday both in the forum and on twitter.

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Music from this week’s show:

PeerGynt Lobogris – Broken Dreams: Al Otro Oado

Raphael Pistachio – Orange Grooves: Spy-Ion


  1. Anon says:

    First time listening to the show. At first I wasn’t sure if this was even a WOW podcast, 3 hours later it didnt even matter. Keep it up, looking forward to listing to you fucktards in the future.

  2. sauces_fanboy says:

    create episode guys! was laughing in the first 5mins from turdhats, choice of discussion topics.

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