Podcast 55: You're The Best Around

January 02, 2011

WIN A GAME ON STEAM FROM THE VENTCHAT PRIZE CLOSET.  How?  Come up with an intro for a segment Turdhat is putting together called “Real Life News by Turdhat”.  More details are on the Ventchat Forums, in the “Important News” category.  (Special thank you to Trinitis who donated a few more games to the prize closet!)  We kicked off this week talking about our various thoughts on New Years Eve, and what we did individually.  Esta and Sauce filled us in on their raiding news, and Turdhat jumped in with what he did in the game this week as well.  Fen added a new “Terms Used To Find The Show” update.  In the news:  Bridget Burdine, casting director for WoW was killed in a hit and run accident.  A newly deaf WoW player gets booted from his guild for being unable to use vent and posts about it on the WoW forums.  Tol Barad honor exploit explained, and we go over the list of best and worst DPS in the game currently.  We hit your phone calls and emails, our discussion topic, and in the after show we give away a game from the prize closet and attempt to record an intro.  Enjoy!

Be sure and join us LIVE, you can listen and chat on the website.  We announce live shows by Friday both in the forum and on twitter.

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Twitter: @Ventchat (Fen) @Ventchat_Sauce @Turdhat @Estarniqx

Music from this week’s show:

NanowaR:  Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay! – King

ElectroLatrine:  Water Closet Music Project Part 1 – C-60’s

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