Podcast 56: First, Get A Computer…

January 09, 2011

Fen and Turdhat talked about their playing and leveling in the fan guild on Khadgar, “Turdhat’s Biggest Fen”.  Sauce jumped in and went over the raiding he’s doing over on Lothar.  We talked about and played the entries for this week’s contest, which was to create an intro for a new segment we unveiled this week called “Real Life News By Turdhat” and picked a winner.  If you’re wondering where the show title came from, it was from that segment.  In the WoW news we went over a few of the patch changes coming up, the Razer Switchblade (which is also the video of the week on the front page).  Turdhat’s “prize” was received and we recieved both audio and pictures of the unboxing.  We talked about sleeping pills=future pills (because they send you forward in time).  We talked about creature comforts=real life add-ons.  Lots of interesting tangents made this a looong episode.  No Esta this week, missing his first show ever….FEEL BETTER ESTA!

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Music from this week’s show:

Oleg Serkov – Epoch Symbol:  Way Of Warrior

Oleg Serkov – Epoch Symbol:  Black Wings

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