Podcast 59: AND We’re Back…

January 30, 2011

We’re happy to be back after last week’s technical difficulties!  Turdhat had a game for the live chatroom this week, and you’ll get to hear exactly how long it lasted at the front of the show.  We got caught up with what’s been going on in the last two weeks, and the key phrases used to find us this month.  Turdhat presented us with some new segments that may potentially get rotated into the line-up.  Sauce created a new intro for Turdhat’s RL news using Examine’s lyrics, and Eisritter created a new one for Turdhat Help you.  We had two weeks worth of calls and emails to get through and there were some great ones.  The discussion topic this week was quite strange and possibly morbid, but well worth a listen.  So much show, two weeks worth of back-up, this one turned into a 4 hour POWER SHOW.  Oh, and we finally got a donation button up this week.  Thanks to the folks that already pitched in, you are awesome.  Have a good week everybody.

Be sure and join us LIVE, you can listen and chat on the website.  We announce live shows by Friday both in the forum and on twitter.

Site:  Ventchat.com

Email: Ventchat@gmail.com

Phone: 925-246-CHAT or Ventchat on Skype

Twitter: @Ventchat (Fen) @Ventchat_Sauce @Turdhat @Estarniqx

Music from this week’s show:

James Scott – Frog Legs Ragtime Era Favorites:  Frog Legs Rag

Weirdland – Curse of Ice:  The Flight

KaiserShizer – In Tiefer Stille, Panzer Alarm

HiGhMaS – HiGhMaS:  Since our Childout (Feat Diazel)

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