Podcast 6: Turdhat With A T (Is Sleezy)

January 17, 2010

To start off this week, Fen Esta and Sauce talk about the latest scam to get your precious account information. We talk about messing with “botters”,  go over our raids this week, and then we hit the news.  After that it’s time for Turdhat (with a T) and his call-in segment Q&A, followed by our weekly discussion topic.


Watch out for the armory scam!

Authenticators…waiting to be safe

Our 25s this week:  Damn you Rotface

Our 10s this week…what the hell made Putricide easier this time?

Esta’s OVER 9000 Achievement Points Report

“The Insane” title

Why don’t we have speed kill on Patchwerk?

Messing with Bots

Bot on Bot action

Esta breaks A’Nub! (Fen eats his words!)


Professor Putricide buff??? (Conan quote)

Putricide small fixes

Strength DPS rep ring on the way

ICC will be getting easier with the in-raid buff, but you can turn it off

No proc weapons in ICC 25 for Ferals or Frost DKs


Stratholme, Old Kingdom and Nexus changes

Quit the dungeon or stay with a slow (bad?) group…

Party leader rewards…gone!


Battleground Armchair Generals

No one wants to stay at stables

Horde vs. Alliance hatred in Cataclysm

Meaningful world PVP?

Is burst damage too high?

Possible resilience, health pools, and healing changes

Slower kills instead of huge burst?

Last season before and expansion is a sandbox


Proc per minute stealth nerfs!


No “sanctuary’ city in Cataclysm like Dalaran

Heirlooms will work

No guild housing

Possible increase to initial backpack?

Realm-wide banking

Hunter pet scaling…have fun waiting

Tabard and Armor set storage

(Smoke grenades)

“Gimmick” fights


Esta’s creepy face

Armory changes!

RSS character activity feeds

Export in-game calendar data and keep it updated

(in game calendar sucks)

Calendar events in our guild mean you’re dumb

Elitist Group Add-on vs Gear Score

Gear score doesn’t equal skill

Mages need more than just main city ports


Have you ever peed in a jug to keep gaming?

Have you ever purchased ANYTHING with real money for a video game? (Turdhat HAS…and SAUCE???)

Have you ever pretended to be a noob to get stuff?

(Turdhat is sleezy, FYI)

Do you ever play naked?  (Are you in the sweatpants club?)

Do you drink or do….other stuff…while gaming?

You ever uh…”help yourself” while on vent?

Turdhat’s poem…

And his call back poem…


What new abilities/talents would you like to see introduced in this next expansion, what shortcomings if any, would you like addresssed?


What would you like to see changed about the way we acquire gear?  Choices of set bonuses?  More Badge gear, ALL tokens in raids (even for weapons)?  Things only drop for classes IN the raid?  More class specific loot?



Temporal Distortion:  Anomalous Material, JT Bruce

Looking Forward(Radio Edit):  Binary, ED3-Studio

All music on the show is Creative Commons Licensed and is freely available.  If you enjoy any of the music please support the artists that created it.

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  1. Renix says:

    Since I don’t use itunes, I’ll rate it here! 4.7666666~ stars! Not 5 because sauce was being sleepy

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