Podcast 62: Commit To The Bit

February 21, 2011

Commit To The Bit is our mantra this week. Giggidee and Sauce created a song, Fen created a commercial, and there was other prepared comedy that required us to Commit To The Bit. We played a game in the pre-show that was inspired by listeners Forresst and Trinitis, which required everyone to try and jump a level 1 character onto Turdhat’s dead character from a great height…closest person wins. We talked about the contest we had IN the show last week and the responses. We had calls from both the owner of Passkey and a listener that GOT the 50% off deal from that restaurant! Esta and Sauce hit you with some raid help. In the news Turdhat and Fen talked more about their review and experiences with RIFT. Tons of calls and emails, Turdhat Help You, and the Discussion Topic. Last but certainly not least, Turdhat and Fen took an erotic adventure to the Goldshire Inn on the Moonguard server in World of Warcraft and you’ll hear all about it in the aftershow.

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Music from this week’s show:

Ear3 – The Encounter

Ear3 – Orbital Ellipses

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