Podcast 63: Someone Has An Announcement

February 28, 2011

We start the show off with Fen’s snoring. He fell asleep while broadcasting and made some interesting noises. In the pre-show there was a little in-game party in Goldshire we also discuss. Arcy joins the show this week to fill in for Sauce! We talked with her about everything you can imagine, from WoW news to potty training, and we all talked about our shameful sex secrets. Knuckles received his Turdhat “prize” in the mail, and you’ll hear all about it. RIFT was discussed, and it’s present and future impact on gaming at large and the community. Miltty provided up with a little prepared comedy, and Turdhat took us on another adventure to the Amazon. The after show crew raided Hogger…once Turdhat was headed in the right direction! Oh…and at a random spot in the show one host reveals an important announcement…

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Music from this week’s show:

DEREK – Wild And Free: Old Things

DEREK – Wild And Free: Wild And Free

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