Podcast 64: No Winners

March 07, 2011

There was some Fen falling asleep aftermath for him to deal with this week, and don’t forget to listen to the very end of the after show for a little extra treat regarding his snoring. Giggidee let Fen have it with a new song and Miltty had a part two to his prepared comedy from the previous week. Esta and Sauce had some new raiding news from their end, and tossed in some some raid help for a caller. Turdhat presented a new segment called Modification Exploration, exploring all things mods…in game and out. Somehow there was a lot of sex discussion on this show, including of course the discussion topic for the week. Leave your inhibitions at the door and join us for this week’s debacle.

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Music from this week’s show:

7BZH – Cargo Cult: Cargo Cult

Fortadelis – Ephemeris: Deep Space

Binarpilot – Defrag: Widibf

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