Podcast 65: You Did WHAT In Public?

March 14, 2011

We’re running a contest this week to win a copy of Minecraft (generously donated by Trinitis), call in or send an audio attachment email of you doing your best impression and we’ll judge them on the show. We will add our own impressions as well, which surely will be terrible. This week started off with Turdhat deciding to kill a listener for show 100 (kidding of course). Poor Sauce’s wife got pepper sprayed. We gave away 10 Redbox UK codes on the forums. Turdhat and Fen played 20 hours of Minecraft and Turdhat pushed Fen into lava. Fen is a confirmed game-a-holic. Esta and Sauce answered your raiding questions and Turdhat jumped in with his segments. In the news we talked a little WoW, discussed RIFT’s current account hacking problems, and then went to your calls. Somewhere in this whole mess one of us revealed something…personal…they’ve done in public. Be sure to also catch the after show, and all of the fun and thrills this week.

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Music from this week’s show:

LukHash – Dead Pixels: In The Past

LukHash – Dead Pixels: H8 U

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