Podcast 67: Smacks And Whistles

March 28, 2011

Sauce started us off with something he posted on Twitter, which was maps of various countries and their relative…ahem…organ size. Links at the bottom of the notes. Fen talked a little about a Nook Color he picked up, and hacked thanks to it being mentioned on The Slash 2 Podcast. Sauce and Esta downed a new heroic boss in WoW this week and we talked a little about Turdhat getting burnt up by lava (x5) in Minecraft. In the news we talked about an article from PC Gamer “20 Ways Blizzard Changed The World”, and a few other notes of interest. We dug DEEP into everyone’s pet peeves, and Turdhat unveiled a new one that Fen does that drives him crazy. We had a new song by Reddwarff and Giggidee, some Turdhat Help You, and of course your calls and emails.

Sauce’s links from the show opener:

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Music from this week’s show:

DrNI – Constant Change: Das Meer v.2 (The Sea)

(Outro song by Giggidee!)

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