Podcast 71: Wait…There’s A Double?

April 25, 2011

We’re giving away another game this week, details at the start of the show. Sauce started us off with playing “guess the photo” with the live listeners, and you can tune in to hear how that went. A caller helped us out with the intro for the show, and then we went into our week this week. Sauce picked up Portal 2, and Esta and Fen talked a little bit about Game Of Thrones. Turdhat filled us in a little more about his chickens, and posted some pictures on the show forums. Esta and Sauce had a couple of questions for the Raid Help section, and Fen brought a “Sauce Soundboard” to the table. Activision/Blizzard’s 2010 revenue report is out, and was discussed in the news. A listener call started a discussion about all things food, including fast food, and the thought about how fat Americans have become. Turdhat gave us another installlment of Bitches Be Crazy, and Miltty added a bit of his own. KaiserShizer had a response to Turdhat from last week in the aftershow, and we had a lengthy discussion about naming this episode. All of your calls and emails, plus Turdhat Help You and even more in this jam packed episode. Have a good week.

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Music from this week’s show:

Intro by Reddwarf

Turbolance – Castle Of Illusion: Castle Of Illusion

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