Podcast 73: Come Look At My Hole

May 09, 2011

Arcy is back this week to fill in for Sauce! She also does a lovely job of supplying one of our voices for a new segment, Choose Your Adventure. on Stopcast’s video show this week they opened a jar of pink viscous liquid that Turdhat gave out as a prize about a year ago, and we talked about that. We gave away three more games to lucky listeners, and talked in depth about Elden donating to the show for every email we received in the past week titled “Donation”. Esta and Arcy got Heroic Nefarian (or Nerfarian hard mode, however you like to say it) down this week and we talked about that, and they also answered a raid help question. We also tried out a new segment called “I’m Pretty Sure I Have This”, about medical ailments that we may or may not have. This week, live on the show, Turdhat also admitted to being a filthy cheater in Minecraft. Broken trust, broken hearts, and broken mines. Come listen to the shaming in the after show as well.

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Music from this week’s show:

Intro by Reddwarf

Brad Sucks – Fluoride (Demo)

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