Podcast 74: Hypnocalypse

May 16, 2011

We interviewed the three people behind the scenes over at AskMrRobot this week: Eric, Peter, and Veronica. Be sure to not only check that out, but also check out some outtakes in the aftershow. We talked to them about how they got started, their new mobile app, what it’s like to run the site, and just about everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about what they do. Big thanks to them for taking the time and answering everything we threw at them, including a few questions from Turdhat that were surely unexpected.

Also this week, we came to the realization that this very well could be our last show, as the world is ending three hours before the next show would record. We took you on a journey in Takes From The Edge Of Cyberspace to a site that discusses this in great detail, along with a couple of other interesting places.

Certainly also not to be missed, Turdhat hypnotized the listening audience this week. Listen carefully to the disclaimer, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Your calls and emails, Turdhat Help You, Sauce’s Failed Contest (and another that didn’t fail), a bit from the incredible Miltty lambasting Turdhat for being a cheater, and much more await your ears as we plow our way into your brains this week.

Use your blinkers this week when you change lanes.

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Music from this week’s show:

Toothdentist – All I Need(Onza Remix)

Intro by Reddwarf

Project Divinity – Divinity – Second Awakening

Anitek – Anitek Instrumentals Vol.8 – Flight To Geneva

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