Podcast 75: The Challenge

May 23, 2011

Can you feel the tension in the start of the show? I know I can…Fen and Turdhat start off with a gripe, and you’ll hear why when you get to the “RL News” segment of the show. The actual introductions begin from the afterlife, as the rapture obviously occurred…in the News there is a brief mention of how much money the rapture made certain people.

Fen got an Ipad this week, and talks about how he ended up acquiring it, and his thoughts thus far. Sayomara of Grand Old Podcast wrote an article that included the show called “Podcasting As Art”. Turdhat, Forresst and Fen got their Magicka on this week and there was a little non-spoiler Game of Thrones talk as well.

In the news Blizzcon was discussed, and the perennial sell-out of the tickets in one second. The gentleman that responsible for the rapture nonsense was mentioned, there was an audio clip about his profiting though fear mongering. There was also a discussion about a woman that pulled out a sword at a pizza place. The Macho Man passed away this week, which deserves a mention as well. Last but certainly not least the announcement of Blizzard’s latest venture into adding services for an additional fee is discussed.

All four of the hosts took a personality test, and talk about the accuracy of their results. Deathstance presented a challenge to Turdhat to read some WoW lore, listen in the show for the surprising details, the incentive is quite large. The hosts answered questions about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

In the discussion topic, Turdhat’s fate was addressed, and without spoiling anything the punishment is glorious, the details continue to bleed over into this week’s discussion topic. You’ll have to listen to hear what exactly but the punishment will delight you. Get on the forums to keep up with this.

In the new Value Gamer segment Terraria was reviewed, and what exactly makes a game a good value was discussed. Minecraft, Magicka, Battleheart, Dungeon Raid, Guild Wars, and more were all mentioned. We would love to hear your recommendations for games with value! A $20.00-ish cap is great, as is something download-able on Steam or something like it. Online play is a plus, and if we pick your game Turdhat is offering a prize!

Sauce had his Word of the Week and he saved the entries this week and handed out a prize! Watch for this week’s word on twitter and use the word in a tweet with the hashtag #ventchatword Sauce also has a new twitter avatar trend he’s working on, check out the end of the show for details.

Don’t tell anyone you hate them this week.

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Music from this week’s show:

Intro by Reddwarf

Fran├žois Pernel – l’ecornifleur – Garet Barry / Blooming meadows (Jig)

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