Podcast 77: Diamond Plated Banjo

June 06, 2011

Miltty started us off this week with a special introduction for Turdhat…Miltty apparently got into hot water over his bit from last show, which remains a mystery…

There was an update about the sesame seeds consumed last show. Times and conditions.

Sauce got a new puppy! Crate training, cat integration and everything else puppy related is discussed.

The latest avatar change is discussed….banana avatars.

Rusty from the Slash2 Podcast was asked which host he would have sex with after two Zimas, and he chose Sauce.

Turdhat and Fen explored the Nether in Minecraft this past week, and we hear about their adventures and Turdhat’s cheating.

Podcastitute sent in several recordings…that were aptly named. Not for the squeamish! Like or dislike of fart jokes?

A “Turdhat Reads WoW” Lore update.

Some non-spoiler Game of Thrones talk. Is there too much sex in Game of Thrones?

Some Magicka talk…Fen played with Draechen for about 4 hours this week. A little Ventchat Steam discussion.

No #ventchatword this week?

The hosts take a trip into Cyberspace….and who would be there to meet them but Bryterside? You’ll see more of Bryter than you ever imagined.

E3 is in the news this week. Sony hacked again, and we talk about how. In WoW 4.2 there are new /roar emote sounds added, we see if you can guess which are Alliance, which are Horde. Also it looks like Blizzard will be releasing a 64 bit WoW client.

Your phone calls and emails of course!

After the discussion topic it’s Turdhat help you….with a twist.

No spoilers…but this episode you will hear Turdhat’s Minecraft fate. Will he play the banjo? Will he keep his mod powers? Listen to find out.

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