Podcast 78: The Esta Terrestrial

June 13, 2011

In the opening we are treated to one of Turdhat’s discussion topic ideas.

No Sauce this week due to a minor work emergency, but we are treated to an email conversation between Sauce and Turdhat, along of course with Virtual Sauce Soundboard.

Once we get into the meat of the show, there is a discussion about movies, 3D and otherwise, along with X-Men First Flight, Kung Fu Panda and more.

Esta gives us a brief WoW update, and talks a little about Sinestra.

Someone guessed correctly what Turdhat’s famous “Pink Viscous Liquid” is, and there is a potential prize involved. Find out in the discussion topic.

Turdhat gives us a chicken update. Trouble in the hen house?

Some brief non-spoiler Game of Thrones talk before we jump into….

Did Turdhat Read! Turdhat is quizzed on the book he was supposed to start reading this week. Did he pass? Then…

Potato Nut Update! What exactly is wrong with him? Will he recover? Everything you ever wanted or didn’t want to know is included.

In the news we talk a little E3, but keep that fairly brief as this week will be information overload. A few interesting highlights are hit, along with some WoW news.

In Value Gamer Turdhat and Fen reviewed the free to play MMO Global Agenda, and talk about free-to-play games in general.

Your calls, the discussion topic, a bit from Miltty, Turdhat Help You and more round out this episode.

Music from this week’s show:

Martini – Grooving Time – Groovin Time 2

Arze Kareem – Akstrumentals Vol. 2 – Jazzweek

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