Podcast 79: Classic Ventchat 2

June 20, 2011

We’ll be back live next week, but for now here’s some selected items from 5 shows that you haven’t heard either at all or for at least almost a year!  Here’s some topics we covered from those past shows:

35:  Santa’s burrito, watching Turdhat’s house while he’s on vacation, dog mike dog communication.

36: The disgusting opening. Long socks vs short socks, the appropriate age to stop bathing with your kids, the rage cage, short socks part 2, sleep paralysis, “tran-ma”, curing hiccups, the grossest and/or most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you, Sauce has sex with his sister’s friends, retirement home for gamers, The Dutch Rudder for a million dollars, Brokeback Ventchat.

37: Lasagna sandwich, Sauce’s fanboy, Turdhat discovers twitter, Esta’s doppelganger, hiding pornography, finding porn in strange places, battling nicotine, Turdhat’s mayo love, Vicegrip’s drunken impressions, is 7 times a day too much, find Sauce in real life for an open mouthed kiss.

38:  R2D2 says your name, Esta sounds like Joe Mantegna, Cat interruptions, Good and bad Pizza, High School pranks, Turdhat for president, more dog mic, The Pink Viscous Liquid mailed out to a listener as a “prize”.

39:  Arcy subs this week, nightmares, Sober September, addiction,  hemorrhoids, a prize from Turdhat, Turdhat on twitter, drinking mana potion energy drinks, caller asking the hosts first names, virtual gaming machine, half the calls are just Zorplox using fake names, who would win in a fight to the death between us, uncomfortable babysitting situations, homeless poo, strange sexual situations during formative years, T’s World of Warcraft hoes.

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