Podcast 81: Low Blows

July 04, 2011

We recorded on Thursday instead of our usual Saturday and we discuss why…It goes a little further than Canada Day or the 4th of July.  We talked about T’s ruined New Year’s resolution, and drinking.  Tarantulas, spiders in general and their babies running everywhere.  Possibility of adding new show.  Esta and Sauce talked about the new WoW patch this week and what they did in the game.  Game haters and game snobs.  Minecraft 1.7 and Magicka.  Esta’s voice.  Dog updates and neighbor dogs.  Potato Nut.  Mr. Proper.  Turdhat’s cooking.  Circular Breathing.  Twitter recommends you follow Snooki because twitter is stupid.  Prune Juice Challenge talk.  Cheese heads.  Wives listening.  Traffic.  The removal of public restrooms.  The decline of civilization.

Intro:  Reddwarf

Outro:  Anitek – Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 4 – Contours

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