Podcast 94: Crying White Sand

October 03, 2011

Rustee from the Slash2 Podcast was our guest this week! Rustee + Fen = long show. Give Rustee’s podcast a listen over at www.slash2podcast.com. Turdhat was out of town, but recorded something special for everyone in another edition of “What Would Turdhat Do?”. This time, the questions were all hypothetical camping situations. Think of the most uncomfortable situation you can come up with, there’s a good chance these questions were worse.

We grilled Rustee with other questions, both from the hosts and also emailed and called in by the listeners…even one from one of Rustee’s own co-hosts. Rustee was kind enough to answer everything thrown at him.

The good folks over at Stopcast decided to start up THEIR OWN podcast awards, and you can check that out over at www.stopcast.net, and if you notice there are a few interesting categories. Biggest douche? Hmmm….well head over there and show them some support and vote for your favorite shows.

Giggidee provided us with the outro song this week, another BEAUTIFUL tribute to everyone’s favorite, Esta. Nice to hear a new song from him, another classic! You can check out his blog at flixyouoff.blogspot.com.

Your calls and emails, our rants and raves, Rustee pestering his sleeping wife in the aftershow, and much much more but I need to stop writing show notes and get the damn show posted, so just give it a listen.

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Giggidee – Esta Esta Esta

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